The 15th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2019)April 7-10, 2019 Kobe, Japan

(TT2019 is held as a part of RIKEN Symposium Series.)

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission has been closed.

Abstract Submission Application Procedures

Please follow the instructions below for the submission of your abstract.

  • Presenting author should submit abstract during registration to help avoid duplicates.
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English and the text should be no more than 200 words.
  • Authors are responsible for the literary standard of submitted abstracts. Failure in the use of scholarly language may lead to immediate rejection of the abstract.
  • Standard abbreviations do not need explanation. Otherwise abbreviations must be defined in brackets after their first mention in the text.
  • Abstract can contain text only – graphs, pictures or formulas cannot be inserted.
  • The abstract should briefly address the objective(s) of the work, material and methods, results and conclusion(s). They must allow for a scientific evaluation of approaches, methods and conclusions.

Deadline for Abstract

Abstract Submission has been extended (poster presentations only).
New deadline will be late January, 2019,
and the exact date will be announced soon.
Online abstract submission site is presumed to be heavily congested towards the deadline. Early submission is strongly encouraged.
Abstract Submission has been closed.


There will be the following broad categories at TT2019.
Please select up to THREE categories that your abstract topic may fit.

  • 3Rs; ethics; good practice; facility management
  • Genetic engineering in the mouse
  • Transgenesis and related technologies in the rat
  • Transgenesis in other mammalian species
  • Approaches using ES and iPS technologies
  • Transgenesis in non-mammalian models
  • Genome editing - new techniques
  • Genome editing - optimization
  • Reproductive biology; germ cell biology
  • Phenotypes; disease modeling
  • Resources; tools
  • Neither of the above


Meeting registration by the presenting author is mandatory. All correspondence about abstracts will be in electronic form and only with the presenting author.

Abstract Submission